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We meet every sailing of the Scillonian. There is no need to book your seat. We normally depart at 12.30. If there are spring tides causing lower than normal tides we occasionally have to change our departure time. We pass our departure times onto the Scillonian and they announce them just before you arrive at St Maryʼs. We will always be there to meet you!

You can buy your tickets either online in advance or aboard our boats on the day of travel. 

Day Trips

We welcome day trip passengers and are able to offer day trips to St Agnes departing at 12.30 and returning to St Maryʼs again at 3.15 to ensure you are in time for your return trip to Penzance. This should give you enough time for lunch and a walk round St. Agnes. The fare is £9.20 and tickets can be purchased online, onboard the Scillonian or on board one of our boats.

 Luggage Allowance

Two pieces of personal luggage, up to a maximum combined weight of 25 kilos per passenger, are included in our Standard fare. All passenger luggage is loaded by hand into containers for the voyage, so please do not use excessively large or difficult to handle cases or bags. There is no equipment to help with luggage so you must pack it to be lifted easily by one person. No single piece of luggage should exceed 20 kilos. We may refuse to handle large bags. Please ensure that every item of luggage is labelled. We use a colour code system for labels. St Agnes is yellow. Using any other colour mayl result in your bag being delivered to another island.

We prefer not to carry unaccompanied luggage but if you require us to transport your luggage without you, we charge £2.50 per bag or item.


The following items are classed as freight and are therefore not included in our normal fare. Below are the return fares for items of freight. If your item is not included please contact us and we will be happy to quote a price for you.

Bicycles £10.00,

Windsurfers £15.00,

Small outboards up to 10 hp £15.00

Rigid Canoes £15.00

Inflatable boats £25.00

We reserve the right to charge for camping equipment, and excessive luggage above your luggage allowance.


There is a very good Post Office stores on St. Agnes. If you ring them in advance (01720 422364) they will order in all your grocery, newspaper, fresh fruit and vegetable requirements ready for when you arrive.

Troytown farm (01720 422360) have beef, pork and all dairy foods including cream, milk and butter (as well as homemade ice cream). Again you can order in advance.

 We hope that they can meet most of your food and grocery requirements that you may need and you will be buying fresh and very local produce at the same time.