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The Island of St.Martin's is just two miles long, but has some of the finest white sand and crystal blue sea in the British Isles. On the sheltered south side of the island where an expanse of rock pools and sandy flats wait to be explored ... and contrast against the dramatic north side of the island with its steep cliffs and purple heather, there are numerous beaches, coves and coastal paths to enjoy. 

For a small island, St.Martin's offers a wide range of places to eat or grab a snack. There are cafes, a hotel, and a pub with their own style, views, and wonderful locations. There is also a general store/ Post Office in Higher Town as well as a bakery. There are also several local fishermen who land their catches on St.Martin's who will be more than happy to supply you with exceptionally fresh fish and shellfish.

Things to Do on St.Martin's. There is always plenty to do on St.Martin's, with a range of planned pursuits such as tennis, diving, exploring the working flower farms, touring the vineyard ,exploring the farm trail, and indulging in one of the two arts & crafts galleries.

Gift Shopping - There is a local gift shop, as well as the Post Office/General Store ... and around the island are various 'gate shops' and with honesty-boxes wherre you can pick up local produce, bulbs and plants. Fay Page Silver: beautiful, contemporary jewellery from Scilly. Handmade chains and charm bracelets with silver and gold shell charms.


Island Hall - In the middle of the island is the Island Hall and visitors are more than welcome to use this facility for watching television, playing games such as table tennis and reading, but please read the notices and follow the rules.

Community Events - The community of St.Martin's hold various events and run several different clubs throughout the year to which visitors are warmly welcomed. Information is posted on various notice-boards around the island.

There is no public transport on St.Martin's, but most accommodation providers will be happy to meet you and transport you and/or your luggage to your accommodation, although they may charge for this service.

Please  be aware there is a mile of concrete road and a hill between Higher and Lower Town quays. Boats running day trips will often, due to weather and tides, drop you at one quay and pick you up from the other, so you need to be able to cover this distance on foot.

Essentials: St. Martin's Store and Post Office can provide for all your holiday requirements. Send a grocery list in advance to have an order ready for your holiday on St. Martin's.

St. Martin's Vineyard, Winery and Visitor Centre & Shop: Enjoy a conducted or self-conducted tour around St. Martin's Vineyard, and sample our white, red, and rose wines - or simply visit the shop/visitor centre. 01720 423418